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I had a great experience buying from Peyman. He gave me good prices on the new vehicle and my trade. And the car he sold me was a rare and beautiful specification. I had been looking for a such a vehicle for almost a year!

Peyman himself went the extra mile as well. Everything from an airport pickup to getting paint protection done on the car to loaning me a vehicle for cruising around San Diego for a day. This is the first time I've experienced such service from a seller.

If you're looking for an exotic or luxury vehicle, Peyman will surely have you covered. He is an honest and passionate car guy.

Yu-Hong W.

Northeast Hazel Dell, Vancouver

Great buying experience with Peyman! Out of state purchase on a 2017 Porsche Cayman. Assisted with arranging financing, flew out to San Diego and was personally picked up by Peyman, before making the 17 hour drive home. Great vehicle selection, great pricing and extremely easy to work with. Will definitely keep in mind for future purchases even though they are 1400 miles away!

Bryant N.

Lewisville, TX

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